She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

   Chapter 1035 Ye Qingyang: I am empty and lonely "Of course she's powerful. Do you all naively think that the reason why other continents dare not attack Central Continent is because of the relationship between the God of War? Oh, that's because Madam Bray sits in Central Continent. You don't know yet, Mrs. Bray is from Cang Cang. When she graduated from Lang Academy, Emperor Jiuxiao took the initiative to challenge her, but she was defeated." "In the past few years, Mrs. Bray has lived in Central Continent and no longer cares about the world of comprehension. Emperor Jiuxiao lost her rivals, and this is the only way to secure her position as the number one powerhouse in the Canglang Continent. Now that a thousand years have passed, Mrs. Bray has No one knows how strong his strength is."    "Central continent has been stable for thousands of years and vigorously developed technology, thanks to Mrs. Bray." "Hey, I've seen reports in gossip posts before that Mrs. Bray was the first love of Emperor Jiuxiao, but then she decisively dumped Emperor Jiuxiao. Tell me, where did that waste Jun Qing get into Mrs. Bray? eyes?"    "Who knows, it's probably that the **** looked at mung bean and met his eyes."    "Pfft, I heard people say that Jun Qing is good at physical strength, good in bed, rich and handsome, that is why he is favored by Mrs. Bray."    "Oh, what do you mean, Emperor Jiuxiao's kung fu is not good?"   “.”   The topic is getting farther and farther.    It seems that the monks also love gossip.   Yu Huang silently took out her brain and edited the messages she overheard into a text message and sent it to Yin Rong.    Yin Rong quickly replied to the message, the content was very brief——   Yin Rong: [Ah, ah, new material! 】   Yu Huang curled his lips into a smile, turned off his brain, and saw Professor Cheng begin to call his name. Every new student named went up to be tested by the beast-testing stone. Yu Huang watched for a while, and suddenly realized that someone had come behind her.    She didn't have to look back, and from the eerie atmosphere, she guessed the identity of the person who came.    "Tonight, will you go to my room or should I go to yours?" Ye Qingyang asked, standing behind her.    Ye Qingyang's voice was undisguised, so everyone nearby heard it.   Jing Jiaren was sitting diagonally in front of Yu Huang. When she heard this, she turned her head back, but her ears perked up. As for Motrici and Feng Yuncheng, Ye Qingyang's words widened their eyes in fright.   What does Ye Qingyang mean?    Isn't he afraid of Sheng Xiao's pursuit?   Yuhuang rolled her eyes and said, "Why are your words so fascinating?"    Ye Qingyang thought about it carefully, and felt that the meaning was a little distorted. He squatted down, put it on the back of Yu Huang's head, and asked again: "Are you going to my room, or am I going to yours?"   Yuhuang didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she said, "Go to my brother Xiao's ward."    Ye Qingyang raised her eyebrows, "Why go to the ward?" Yu Huang said sternly: "You are a bachelor and you are not afraid of rumors, I am a married woman. We are together in the middle of the night, no matter where we stay, we will not be innocent. Either go to my brother Xiao's room, or you endure."    Ye Qingyang clicked, a little annoying.    He said, "I will go to your room from now on?" Even though Ye Qingyang is a single dog, she knows how disappointing it is to go to a young couple's room in the middle of the night.    Yuhuang stopped talking.    She felt disturbed when she thought of being disturbed by Ye Qingyang in the middle of the night for a long time in the future.    "Otherwise, I will rent a villa and you will move in and live with me." Ye Qingyang said.    Yuhuang's eyes lit up.    She was very moved, but she pretended to be reserved, "A villa? No, we just arrived and didn't have Lingshi, so we couldn't pay the high rent for the villa."    Ye Qingyang said: "I have money, you can move in and live with me, and I won't charge your rent." Yu Huang tapped her fingers on her knees and said, "That's not convenient. We often have things to discuss with Feng Lao Si. The villa area is too far from the dormitory area, and it's inconvenient to go back and forth. It's more convenient for us to live in the dormitory together. ."    Ye Qingyang sneered, "You want to bring your friends to live with you, just say it."    His mind was seen through, and Yu Huang was not embarrassed.   Yuhuang turned back to Ye Qingyang and smiled brightly, he said, "You rent a big villa, and the five of us live together."    Ye Qingyang nodded coolly, thinking of something, and then warned: "When I'm at home, you can't do intimate things."    Yuhuang asked: "Why?"    Ye Qingyang: "I am empty and lonely."    Yuhuang was stunned.    She lowered her head to look at Ye Qingyang's waist and abdomen subconsciously. Although she didn't speak, her eyes clearly wrote: You are a ghost cultivator, and you have physical needs.    Ye Qingyang saw through Yu Huang's thoughts, and he said, "I am a ghost repairer, not a ghost, I am also a man." A young and energetic man, but a single dog.   Yuhuang laughed again. "Okay, you are a single dog and you are pitiful, we will let you all."    Ye Qingyang cursed something, got up and left.    Ye Qingyang came and walked quickly, but the scene of him chatting intimately with Yu Huang still fell into the eyes of many people. Yu Huang watched Ye Qingyang leave, and when she turned around, she caught a glimpse of Jing Jiaren looking at her from the corner of her eye.    She raised her eyebrows, not caring.    Don't say that the relationship between her and Ye Qingyang is clear, even if it is really unclear, what does it have to do with her Jing Jiaren?   You are used to wearing gemstones and don’t look down on pearls. Don’t you need others to take pearls as treasures?    Tube is really wide.   *    "Jing Beauty!"   Although Jing Jiaren is a cultivator who is a divination mainlander, she came to the Canglang mainland last year and joined the Zhang family in the northern Yancangjing, becoming a registered disciple of the Zhang family. The Zhang family in Beiyan Cangjing is exactly the Zhang family where the Boss Zhang of the Cotton Hall in Feisheng Town is located.   The reason why Jing Jiaren chose to join the Zhang family and became a registered disciple of the Zhang family was because the Zhang family was her grandmother's family.   Jing Jiaren's mother is from Zhang's family in Canglang Continent.    Therefore, Jing Jiaren represented Zhang family disciples in the intercontinental finals this time, otherwise, she would definitely have a place among the hundred scattered cultivators.    Hearing her name, Jing Jiaren stood up, everyone only saw a black shadow flash past, and she appeared on the round platform. Today, Jing Jiaren is wearing a black A-line dress with a waist, with a wide red belt tied around her waist, and a red rose that is as red as blood embroidered with red thread next to the small V-neckline.    She had all her black hair up, decorated with pure blond hairpins, and wore a pair of ruby ​​and pearl earrings on her ears.    This outfit makes Jing Jiaren look cold and noble, and cannot be approached by mortals.    She stepped on high-heeled shoes with black face and red bottom, and walked to the beast-measuring stone step by step, pierced her fingertips with a sterilized needle, and pressed her finger on the beast-measuring stone. The light flashed on the beast-testing stone, and soon the test results appeared——   Super beast-like red-trained red fox awakener, AAA-level potential animal master.   3A-level potential, that's a good result second only to S-level potential.    The animal masters who can be recognized for their 3A-level potential are all true cultivators with high animal rank, solid practice, and never swallowed any panacea.   Jing Jiaren stared at the result on the beast-testing stone, her eyes didn't waver, and she didn't know if she was satisfied with the result.    Heigang Emperor Zun nodded with satisfaction and said to Jing Jiaren, "Not bad."   Jing Jiaren nodded slightly, walked back to her seat and sat down.    After her, there was Matrice.   Mo Trisi is wearing a red suit with a tube top style shirt that shows the navel. Her figure is not as slender as Jing Jiaren, but a plump and powerful royal sister. As soon as Matris came on the court, the eyes of the men off the court were straight.   Matris has long legs and big breasts. They missed something when they saw it, and they didn't know where to look for a while.   Matris put her **** finger on the beast-testing stone, and soon got the result——    High-level vicious beasts, ancient mermaid awakeners, AA-level potential beast masters.   Motris stared at the words 'high-level vicious beast', her eyes flickering slightly.    The result of this test is actually different from the beast stone test in Central Continent. Obviously, Canglang College's answer is more accurate. Matrici's merman beast state was originally just an ordinary high-level beast state, but when she obtained the inheritance of the ancient merman Naling in the Kunlun secret realm, her merman beast state has evolved along with it. The blood of the thin ancient mermaid.    High-level beasts are the most accurate results. Heigang glanced at Matris in surprise, and she said, "Congratulations." Matris ranked relatively low in the Intercontinental Finals. In the customs clearance test before entering the school, her performance can only be said to be quite satisfactory. According to Judging from her previous performance, she was unable to enter the inner courtyard.    But she tested the beast stone and gave her an AA-level test.    (end of this chapter) 3 hours ago